Pregnancy Crisis Centers


Your DGB for today is to call out a crisis pregnancy center.

If you are at all familiar with the anti-choice movement in the U.S., you know that they will stop at pretty much nothing to push their agenda. Whether it’s faking videos, faking aborted fetus pictures, or faking abortion clinics, they ruthlessly pursue their goal of restricting rights and access to abortion AND birth control. Because apparently the treatment of endometriosis makes baby Jesus sad… or something. One of their most egregious tactics is the use of the so-called “crisis pregnancy center” that masquerades as a an actual medical clinic offering services to pregnant women, but is really there to shame women out of getting abortions.

This DGB is courtesy of They help to identify the jerks and call them out publicly via Yelp or other review sites. Check out the steps they lay out and get to work following them.

Grab back and help women spot a fraud!