No More White Nonsense

Your DGB for today is to start following White Nonsense Roundup on social media, and either help out or make use of them, depending.

White Nonsense Roundup, recently profiled in Huffington Post, is a terrific project that allows People of Color a break from the endless job of explaining white supremacy and racism, and defending their humanity, to white people on social media. PoC can simply send out a bat signal by tagging @nowhitenonsense on Twitter or @whitenonsenseroundup on Facebook, and white volunteers will show up to do the job. White people have a responsibility to be actively anti-racist, and this is one way they can do just that. The volunteers will take the heat, engage in discussion, and dispatch trolls where necessary.

How many days without white nonsense? That’s right - zero. So get out there, white folk, and get to work. And friends of color, please kick back and have a pumpkin spice latte. You’ve more than earned it.