Help for Puerto Rico


Your DGB for today is to help Puerto Rico.

Last week the beautiful island of Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Days later it is still without power and cell phone coverage. The road system is a mess, the hospitals with generators are running out of fuel and none of them have running water. The governor is calling the situation apocalyptic and warns of an impending humanitarian crisis. All of this, mind you, is occurring on an island that is part of the United States of America, to people who are Americans. While we can hardly blame anyone for being distracted by the fact that at any moment war with North Korea could break out and/or the President of the United States will drop the pretense and start Tweeting the N-word, it is time to act and help our fellow citizens in the Caribbean.

There are several things you can do:

Call or Resistbot your Congressperson and demand a Federal Aid package be assembled and passed.

Call or Resistbot your representatives and ask that the USN Comfort be sent to help.

Donate, donate donate. Many organizations and fundraisers have pledged help.

Unicef is promising to send aid to the children affected there:  

The first lady of Puerto Rico set up a relief fund, United for Puerto Rico:  

The Hispanic Federation promises that 100% of funds will go to relief efforts:


Grab back and help our wonderful Puerto Rico!