On Fridays, We Take a Knee


Your DGB for today is to plan to participate in the Twitter protest of the treatment of Black americans by taking a knee at 1:00 pm EST tomorrow, the 29th.

After Trump’s comments calling for NFL owners to fire anyone that takes a knee for the National Anthem, more than 100 NFL players, coaches, and owners took a knee on Sunday and Monday. We applaud the NFL players for taking a stand against the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

The focus for Friday’s protest isn’t about Trump though, it is about the treatment of Black men and women in america, whether it’s from systemic racism, or violence and murder by police officers without impunity. So tomorrow we ask that you join Twitterdom and take a knee at 1:00 pm EST no matter where you are. Take a knee and say the names of the over 250 Black people killed by police officers in 2016. If you want, take a picture and post in on social media with #TakeAKnee and make sure to support others who are standing… or kneeling against racism.