Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Puerto Ricans

Your DGB for today is to remind Trump that he has never cared about the best interests of Puerto Rico.

Back in 2008, Trump companies made some big promises to slap their name on a failing golf resort and turn the operation into some sort of bigly success. Like most of their other money-making schemes, they stood to profit whether the resort itself did or not. By 2012, Trump & Sons had driven it even farther into the ground. They took their $600,000 and bounced, leaving the small island territory with a bankrupt property in the critical tourism industry. Puerto Rico managed to recover, as we know they will after the devastation from Hurricane Maria. Just like back then, it’ll be no thanks to Trump.

DGB doesn’t know the exact whereabouts of Kanye West, but we need him to show up and make one of his post-hurricane declarations on this. In lieu of putting us in touch with Yeezy, you’ll channel LeBron James and tweet something to the tune of

.@realDonaldTrump U bum, use your $600K profit from your failed Puerto Rico golf course to help their humanitarian crisis NOW.