More New Year's Resolutions


Your DGB for today is to pick a democratic candidate running in a red state and help get them elected.

We understand this isn’t just a five minute Grab, more like an almost year-long commitment, but it is so worth it. If you already live in a blue state and your incumbent candidate is pretty secure, then we’re asking you to pick a candidate outside of your state to make calls for, donate to, or send postcards for that person, and help make America as blue as possible.


You can find candidates to help flip here:


And here:


If you happen to live in a red state and know of a democratic candidate that could use DGB’s help, let us know! We’d love to do a Grab on them, get out the word about why they should be elected, give them a boost in funding, and have some volunteers sign up for calling. Together we can take back the House and Senate and kick the Moldy Orange out of our Oval Office. You can contact us at

Spend the year Grabbing Back and endorsing worthy democratic candidates.