Thank You For Your Service


Your DGB for today is to retire your pink kitty-ears hat, at least for marching. That’s it! Easy, huh? Your hat has more than fulfilled its duty, empowering you (w00t!!) and making a huge visual statement at the 2017 and 2018 marches - doesn’t it deserve a rest?

Women of color and trans women have been telling white, cis-women for over a year now that the hats are problematic. “It’s JUST A HAT!” you say, exasperatedly. Yes, but by the same token, if it’s “just a hat,” it should be easy to thank it for its service and hang it up, right? Our sisters are beginning to wonder if we are really serious about making our feminism intersectional and committed to standing up for them when we can’t even let go of a durned HAT. In addition to the hats excluding women of color and trans women, the widespread refusal to let them go has itself come to symbolize the broader problem of white feminism. White feminism centers the issues and voices of the most privileged women over those of everyone else and ignores the voices of the more marginalized. In light of this, this headgear has become truly divisive to the Women’s March, the Resistance, and the feminist movement. So please, the next time you break out your comfortable walking shoes and poster board, leave the pussy hats at home.