Fight Light Pollution


Your DGB for today is to do your part to reduce light pollution.

You’ve heard of pollution in the air, land, and water, but what the hell is light pollution? Light pollution is an excessive use of artificial light, and it has serious consequences on our environment, wildlife, climate, and health. According to this study, 99% of the United States and Europe experience skyglow at night. Want to see just how bad light pollution is in your area? Check out this interactive map and silently sob about all the stars you are missing out on.

Thankfully there is something you can do. There are multiple steps on this post, but one of the easier ones is keeping your blinds drawn at night to avoid unnatural light from spilling outside. If you live in a neighborhood, you can also make sure your streetlights follow suggestions for outdoor lighting. And since we are asking you to science the hell out of 2018, if you want to take if one step further, you can become a citizen scientist and measure light pollution.