#DGB #TBT No Nukes


Your DGB for today is to revisit our previous Grab and call your congress member and demand they support Ted Lieu’s Bill H.R. 669, that limits Donald Trump’s access to nuclear weapons.

The past couple days have been both insanely embarrassing and terrifying. It started with the leader of North Korea stating that he had a button to launch nuclear weapons on his desk and culminated in our very own president disgustingly and embarrassingly saying that his “nuclear button” was much bigger and more powerful. We all know know he has not used his button in a really long time, how does he even know? WHAT IS THIS LIFE???

Now it is more important than ever to limit his access to nuclear weapons. We can’t continue this pissing contest with North Korea at the risk of millions of lives because a senile old man likes to say everything he does is bigger and better. Now might also be the time to ask congress to start looking into 25th amendment because it’s not like his mental health is getting any better.