A Bunch of Angry Feminists


Your DGB for today is to gather some tools to manage your anger for those times it just takes over.

We’ve always been angry feminists because to be a feminist is to be angry at injustice. Now, we’re super angry. We’re raging to the moon and back nightly and twice on Sunday. When you feel like setting something on fire but can’t because, you know “laws”, use one of these techniques instead:

Call Mitch McConnell and yell at his voicemail. Don’t limit your grievances to politics. It’s probably his fault you got a flat tire last week. Yell it out.

(202) 224-2541

Listen to Erasure. It just makes you happy. No one knows why, but it’s magic. Bonus if you are jogging while listening. Double bonus if you are yelling at Mitch McConnell’s voicemail while A Little Respect plays in the background.

Drink a tall glass of water. Face it: you’re dehydrated. You’re always dehydrated.

Indulge in Daily Kitten or Daily Puppy. Or go one step further and adopt one. They’re natural antidepressants.

Obligatory suggestion: Do yoga or meditation or something. It will probably help, but it’s basic af and not as fun as the other choices.