Nancy Pelosi Forevah

Your DGB for today is to support Nancy Pelosi in her bid for Speaker of the House. Call your Member of Congress or MoC-elect and tell him or her you want Nancy to hang on to the gavel.

Here’s an object lesson in sexism: Chuck Schumer, who as Senate Minority Leader presided over losses in his chamber this November, faces zero calls to resign his speakership. On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi, who has lead the Dems to historic WINS in the House, is being raked over the coals by some of her Democratic colleagues. They are calling for “new leadership” and threatening to oust her if she doesn’t step aside voluntarily. Because that’s how you treat a seasoned warrior who just delivered a big fat blue wave, we guess…? The most depressing thing is how readily some on the Democratic side of the aisle are willing to regurgitate right-wing talking points when it comes to strong, outspoken women.

In response to calls for Nancy’s head on a platter, many groups have come out in support of her -, Planned Parenthood, dreamers (remember when she filibustered for 8 hrs in stilettos on behalf of DACA?), Human Rights Campaign, eleven labor unions, and League of Conservation Voters. And why not, she’s a badass who clearly terrifies the right and as Speaker she. is. killing it.