#DGB #TBT Flint


What will you be drinking today? Whatever it is, one thing you probably won’t be worried about is whether or not your water is safe to consume or cook with. Unless you live in Flint, MI.

The city is about ⅓ of the way through a lawsuit-mandated pipe- replacement project and at least one former official will stand trial on charges of manslaughter stemming from bacterial outbreaks. Insultingly, people are still receiving municipal water bills, at one point even being told to let their water run continuously in order to help “coat” the insides of new pipes.

At this point, residents have been victimized and lied to so many times, many will probably never trust the water again. Would you? Free bottled water programs were shuttered, but many people are still using bottled water. No one should have to be afraid to give their child a glass of water.

While nothing is going to undo the damage to an entire community, your DGB for this Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday is to spread some knowledge and resources.

Flint residents can both apply for free lead testing and for help with their water bill.

For insight into how this all happened, read The Poisoned City by Anna Clark @annaleighclark