Link a Child to Music


Your DGB for today is to support MusicLink and help a kid get music lessons. Musical education is extremely beneficial for humans of any age but especially for the developing minds of children. The cost of lessons and instruments can price out families that don’t have the extra money to spend. You can help by offering your skills, time, an instrument you don’t use or a couple of dollars.

MusicLink connects kids to music instructors that are willing to donate or discount their skills and time. If you can support them that way go here:

Do you have a playable instrument laying around collecting dust? Find out how to help that way here:

And of course, cash is always the right size, always the right color:

No parent should miss out on the opportunity to hear songs they once liked played poorly over and over and over until they beg for mercy. Grab that old tuba from your glory days and send it to a kid in need.