We Want a DACA Bill and We Want It Now


Your DGB for today is to contact your Congressmen and Congresswomen and demand we pass a bill for DACA recipients asap.

Last week we asked you to share the stories of Dreamers with your friends and families and anyone in your social media circle. We hoped that this would break down some of the rhetoric that the right had been spewing when they started referring to Dreamers as “illegals.” This week, we need you to go a step further and demand a DACA. We wish we could demand a clean DACA bill, and we can definitely ask for one, but it’s not looking like we will get one. The current bill being tossed around by John McCain and Chris Coons doesn’t hit on Trump’s demands. He wants funding for his archaic wall and an end to family-based immigration, which is actually the reason Donald Trump is even here to begin with. Trump’s very own grandfather, Friedrich Trump, immigrated here in 1885 to join his sister. And that’s not even the only case of “chain migration” in his family. HIS MOM came to the U.S. in 1930, as an unskilled worker from Scotland, to live with her sister who was already here. If Trump were president back when his Opa were trying to come to America, neither his grandpa, nor his mother would have been able to make it. They would have been blocked because of Trump’s desire to ban “chain migration” and because they were both unskilled workers they wouldn’t have made it on the “merit-based immigration” Trump is looking for. Germany and Scotland didn’t send their best.

The bill isn’t perfect, but is does protect Dreamers and is a companion piece to a bill being shared in the House of Representatives that they think has the votes. This new bill also allows for a path to citizenship and we fully support that. And DACA expires in less than a month, so use Resistbot, call, snap, tweet, or drop on by your congress members office and tell them you support Dreamers, and so do the vast majority of Americans, we’re talking like 80+%. And could they pretty please hurry up and pass a bill so we don’t have to read stories of Dreamers’ families being torn apart. The daily news cycle is terrible enough already.