Oconomowoc School District


Your DGB for today is to contact Superintendent Roger Rindo and School Board President Donald Wiemer, of the Oconomowoc, WI school district.

Back in January, students were invited to participate in a “privilege aptitude test” activity developed by the National Civil Rights Museum. Some snowflake parents got upset about being told they had an advantage in life, which is apparently a hard pill to swallow when you’ve made so little of yourself despite it. They even called in to a local conservative radio station for an echo chamber session.

The all-white school board decided there will be no further discussion of white privilege in their district, which has 88.9% white enrollment. Wiemer, explained "Our board is fine with discussions about diversity ... but white privilege is a lightning rod for some parents. We have poor people in Oconomowoc who are saying they're not privileged ... and people that say, 'Don, we worked our butts off to have what we have.’”

Superintendent Rindo denied a request by a high school student club focused on equality to organize a "privilege walk," saying in an email that the district has to be "prudent and mindful of the context in which we live and work."

Apparently, the irony of allowing white voices to silence an entire district’s discussion of white privilege is lost on these administrators. Let them know their actions perfectly illustrate the need for such education.