Teachers Unions

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We had a Grab all planned out for today about supporting those awesome teachers on strike in West Virginia but they had the nerve to receive their demands and are going back to class! So the first part of your DGB for today is to give a shout out to the #55strong on Facebook or Twitter and show the world that solidarity WORKS!

The next part of today’s Grab is getting you ready to support the next teachers’ strike because we hope that this is just the beginning. (There are already rumblings coming out of Oklahoma.) The National Education Association, the teachers union that includes professional educators starting at preschool and going up through university, has some resources for you to peruse and prepare for the discussions, debates and deliberations that a local teachers’ strike will entail. Starting with a Fact Sheet that will help dispel myths and misinformation, there are several informational resources posted on their Union Rights page and we hope you will go and read up.

The teachers in West Virginia did not win this deal without the support of their community so please be ready to grab back and support the teachers in your own.