Claire McCaskill’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to save a blue senate seat in Missouri.

Senator Claire McCaskill is a Democrat in a red state, which makes her particularly vulnerable this year. However, she has a few things going for her. First, you may have heard of Missouri Governor Crapbag Greitens, a Republican with a nasty indictment on his hands. Apparently dude took nude photographs of a restrained partner and used them as blackmail. Oh, and he also violated campaign finance laws with a dollop of exploitation of a veterans charity. The cherry on top is his refusal to step down. This scandal alone would probably consume all political attention in the state running up to the 2018 midterm elections, giving McCaskill a leg up in November. However, there is another layer to this issue, which brings us to our second piece of bad/good news. McCaskill’s opponent, Josh Hawley, is also Missouri’s Attorney General, who is alleged to have dragged his feet on prosecuting Governor Greitens.


Lastly, McCaskill has won some extraordinary races before. She is the senior senator in Missouri, having won her seat in 2006 by defeating an incumbent Republican white man, which is pretty impressive in a red state. She was reelected in 2012 after Todd “legitimate rape” Akin tried to unseat her. She’s up for this challenge as well, but she needs our help.