Native Lands


Your DGB for today is to learn about the indigenous history of the land you live on.

When white people came to the Americas, they outright killed or displaced nearly all indigenous tribes. You can read about The Trail of Tears here:

We seek to honor and acknowledge those that were killed and displaced and who still seek to be treated humanely by the US government. One way to do that is to acknowledge the ancestral lands we all live on that were stolen. You can go to this website and enter your zip code and it will tell you what native tribe lived there. If you click on the tribe, it will tell you more about their people.

If you wish to further help indigenous people, you can find different tips on this website: such as purchasing items made by indigenous people, donating to verified charities, learning more about their history, and speaking up about their causes.

We can never undo the damage done to the indigenous community, but we can work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.