National Bail Out


Your DGB for today is to donate to or volunteer with National Bail Out.

You may have noticed a recent surge of publicized incidents involving Black people having the police called on them for doing everyday activities. When you are Black, you could be arrested for doing something like going to Starbucks or even for trying to enter your own gated community like rapper T.I. was yesterday.

Even people engaging in non-violent illegal activities like smoking marijuana are much more likely to be arrested if they’re Black.

And for those people who don’t have stacks on deck and Patron on ice, bail money can stand between us and our families, livelihoods, and sometimes even lives. Sandra Bland was unable to post $500 towards bail and died after three days in jail in 2015.

Read more about the impact of the bail system on marginalized communities here:

Then go and help National Bail Out get people back to their lives while ultimately working to end the cash bail system.