Guns Down America Billboards


Your DGB for today is to help put up some billboards calling out Bank of America for going back on its word.

After the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida a slew of companies announced ways they were breaking ties with the gun industry or gun lobby. While a hopeful and positive drop step toward changing the gun culture here in the U.S., it will only work if the businesses actually follow through on their promises. According to Guns Down, an organization fighting gun culture at every level, after an announcement that it would stop funding military-style weapons manufacturers, Bank of America did just the opposite and loaned Remington over $40 million dollars to help it emerge from bankruptcy. Read more here:


And here:


Guns Down has come up with a good way to take them to task by placing billboards throughout Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here’s a description of the effort:


And the donation page:


While you are at it, check out Guns Down and see what they’re about. Join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @gunsdownamerica.