The Michael OD Brown Foundation


Your DGB for today is to support Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, as she prepares to run for city council of Ferguson, MO.

McSpadden has announced that she’s running for City Council and we want to support her every step of the way. She doesn’t have an official campaign yet, so we’re choosing to support her by championing The Michael OD Brown Foundation, which she started after her son was murdered by police.

The Michael OD Brown Foundation, also known as the We Love Our Sons & Daughters Foundation, has four core components that they work towards which include being advocates for justice, improving health, advancing education, and strengthening family. They also offer the Rainbow of Mother’s, which is a group of multicultural mothers who have lost children. This group provides support to those in need, whether it’s funding therapy, legal help, etc. They also have a sister program called STRIVEE Institute for siblings who have lost a loved one due to trauma.

In addition to these programs, the Michael OD Brown Foundation also has health resources, family resources, and grief recovery support groups. Programs like these need our support, and women like Lezley McSpadden need to be running our government. So donate what you can and change the future of our country.