Day After the Primaries

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Your DGB for today is to get over the primaries.

The primaries are done, the candidates have been decided. Did your candidate make it onto the ballot? Whether you are delighted, devastated, or somewhere in between about the fate of the person you supported it’s time to get your eyes on the prize. The Blue Wave won’t happen in November unless you start stumping for the Democrats in your states and districts right now. Your Grab today is to find out who they are, what they think and to start throwing your support their way.


Go to the candidates’ websites and sign up for their email and newsletter alerts.


Go to their Twitter and Facebook pages, like, follow and comment your support.


Order your yard signs, your bumper stickers and your other paraphernalia so you can start displaying ASAP.


Lastly, don’t forget to follow our weekend Grabs on specific candidates!