Are You Registered to Vote?


Your DGB for today is to confirm that you are, indeed, registered to vote in the state, county, and city in which you intend to cast your ballot in November.

Today the Supreme Court handed down a decision that is Very Bad News for voting rights in the US. Husted (short for Husted, Ohio Sec. of State v. A. Philip Randolph Institute et al.) makes it legal for states to purge voter rolls of folks who’ve been infrequent voters. That’s it. These will be people who’ve committed no crime other than to fail to make it to the polls for some arbitrary number of elections. Of course, as is often the case with voter suppression, this will affect certain groups more than others - namely, people of color, senior citizens, folks with disabilities, and the poor.

This is a blow to our democratic process, but we can combat it. After confirming that you are still registered, see if friends or family need help checking their own status. Depending on your state, it may be important to do this well ahead of November. If someone finds that they need to register, help them with that, too.

It should be clear to everyone by now that not even Trump’s impeachment will be the end of this horrendous mess. The whole complicit GOP needs to be booted out of Washington and we can only do that if we all VOTE.