Ditch Pruitt


Your DGB for today is to call for swamp monster Scott Pruitt to resign, pack up his knick-knacks and family photos, and carry his sad little cardboard box out the front door of the EPA forever.

Ever since he was confirmed as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Pruitt has been the poster child for swampiness, for how to blithely disregard ethics and use your federal job to line your own pockets. You may recall that he spent thousands of tax dollars on first class plane travel so he could avoid the angry Americans in coach who wanted to know why the head of the EPA seems more interested in protecting fossil fuel interests than, you know, the environment. He rented a sweet condo in Washington, DC for fifty bucks a night from an industry lobbyist. Then he spent an ungodly sum on a not-at-all-paranoid soundproof booth in his office. He misused his taxpayer-funded security detail, used lights and sirens to get to date night with his wife a little faster, and spent tons of dough on fancy signing pens (even gold-plated POTUS only uses Sharpies). Just this weekend we learned that he may have used the promise of favorable policy from the EPA to get courtside seats from a coal industry exec. And finally, *at the very moment we were already writing this Grab,* the news of a NEW ethical violation broke. Apparently Pruitt was having his government-paid employees do personal errands for him, including house-hunting, and purchasing a used mattress from Trump International hotels. We’re flabbergasted by that one.

It is seriously time for this stinking pile of ethical violations to exit stage right. Make some noise. Call your members of congress, tweet your disapproval @EPA, let the administration know this guy’s expiration date is up.

(An aside to EPA building security - you might want to poke around in Scott’s box when he leaves. We wouldn’t put it past him to steal the office stapler.)