Collins & Murkowski and the Future of Choice


Your DGB for today is to urge Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK-R) and Susan Collins (ME-R) in the strongest terms possible to vote no on SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh for retired Justice Kennedy’s seat. Given the current makeup of the Supreme Court, this administration’s ties to white evangelicals, and its tendency towards authoritarianism, we think it’s not hyperbole to suggest that Collins and Murkowski may be all that stands between us and some Handmaids-esque dystopia.

Reproductive choice is on the line. The Christian right has been waiting for this moment: a republican president, a republican-held congress, and a bunch of vacancies on the highest court in the land. This is the perfect storm, bringing with it a chance to tip the balance on the Supreme Court with conservative justices and finally overturn Roe v. Wade.

We already knew that Trump would be choosing his next Supreme Court nominee from a list provided by the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization. Though Kavanaugh has been cagey of late about his views on abortion, his presence on the Federalist Society list means that they, at least, believe he would be anti-choice (among other unpleasant things). For more about the Federalist Society and the creepy mastermind behind it, read this terrifying piece in the Daily Beast.

We also know that Murkowski and Collins have gone on record in the past as pro-choice. But they can be wishy-washy. Collins famously broke her word not to vote for the tax cut bill, citing vague and spurious-sounding promises on the part of Mitch McConnell to “fix” the tax bill after it passed…? So we need to hold these ladies accountable to the principles they say they hold. We need their votes for the women of America to retain their rights to bodily autonomy.

Yes, we know the arguments against non-constituents calling members of congress. But this is so important, we just have to try flooding these women’s phone lines, in-boxes, and twitter feeds with pleas from all the people - non-Alaskans and non-Mainers included - whose lives will be impacted by how they vote during the confirmation process.