Help Reunite Children with their Families


Your DGB for today is to donate to or volunteer for The Young Center, an organization working tirelessly to advocate for migrant children separated from their families.

Today was the deadline for the Trump Administration to reunite children age five and under with their families. It’s missing the deadline. As of today, 105 “tender-age” children are still separated and between 1,425-1,720 total are still without their parents or family members. You can check out the breakdown of the numbers here:

These children all need advocates and that’s where you come in. Volunteers with The Young Center will work as child advocates, accompanying the children to their court hearings, visiting with them, and helping the children think through difficult decisions, among other things. Sign up to volunteer through the link above. Not available to give your time? You can also donate or start a fundraising campaign.

The government that is supposed to protect these children is abusing them, and we have to step in and stand up for them. Do what you can to help today.