Get Your Candidate on the Record About Science


For reasons that are still somewhat mysterious to us at DGB, science has become completely politically polarized. Despite the fact that it’s an umbrella term that touches everything from food to fuel to smartphones, one side has come out staunchly against science as if it’s a placeholder term for witchcraft. But as the oceans fill with trash, temperatures rise, and the GOP administration continues to drill, dig, and burn, the stakes have never been higher. The organization Science Debate has been pinning down political candidates on their science policies for the past ten years. They need your help getting candidates to participate. Your DGB for today is to go to this website and find out what Science Debate is asking the candidates in this cycle:

Go here to participate in an online petition to get your candidates motivated to respond:

Or if you want to do things the old fashioned way, find your candidate here and send their campaign an email or phone call:,_2018

We need politicians that understand how important this topic is and aren’t afraid to put their thoughts in writing.