A Big NOPE to Confederate Flag Manufacturing


Your DGB for today is to shame one of the last makers of confederate flags.

In 2015, after a Charleston, SC church shooting perpetrated by a white supremacist, many major retailers like Amazon and Walmart stopped carrying confederate flags, leaving Huntsville Alabama Flag and Banner to take over the market. What followed in our country was a national debate on the removal of confederate imagery like monuments. As you may have heard, we just passed the one year anniversary of the violent Charlottesville rally over such a monument, after which Alabama Flag and Banner saw a surge in sales of their flags. In every political movement, there are companies who capitalize on sentiment, but this is over the line. If people want confederate flags, they should have to sew them with their own racist fingers. Let this company know that their status as the Last Rebel Flag Maker is not something to be proud of.



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