Violence Against Women Act


Your DGB for today is to get your elected reps to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, as it is due to expire next month.

In the past, this bill has always had bipartisan support, and has always been reauthorized when it came up on the floor. Yet this time, the reauthorization bill has zero Republican co-sponsors and little if any GOP support. We think we know why. Since a gun is the most common weapon in domestic murders, this bill seeks to make it harder for domestic violence perpetrators to keep their guns. Well, as you can imagine, this goes over like a lead balloon with the NRA-owned GOP. Protect women, or protect murder-sticks? Hmmmm… Tough choice.

Please call your members of congress and urge them to re-authorize this critical piece of legislation. If your representatives are Republican, lean on them to co-sponsor this bill, because the health and safety of women *should* be bipartisan… right?