Is Your School District Segregated?


Wait, school segregation - wasn’t that ended in, like, the

1960s? During that black-and-white photo era, nothing we need to worry about now, right? Our modern public schools don’t even SEE color! Well no, actually, that is wrong, wrong, and not even close to the case. In fact, Southern public schools are racially segregated at pretty much the same rate they were in the 1960s and other regions aren’t doing much better. The gerrymandering that has succeeded in keeping the GOP in power, despite dwindling voter ranks, is the very same force being used to keep schools separate and unequal. Alvin Chang at Vox has written an excellent article about the subject and went so far as to provide a handy widget, armed with data from a recent study on the topic, so that you can find out if your own local district is helping or hurting this problem. Your DGB for today is to read the article here:

Studies have shown that all children, both white and minority, benefit from attending a diverse school. Let’s grab that opportunity back for them.