Support Andrew Gillum’s Florida Gubernatorial Bid


Your DGB for today is to help elect Florida’s first Black governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum. On Tuesday Gillum emerged victorious from a crowded field in the primary, and many believe he represents the future of the Democratic party. An outspoken progressive, Gillum was an early supporter of Obama’s historic 2008 campaign and a surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigned for him in the lead-up to the primary, and he received the seal of approval from gun law reform group Moms Demand Action. See his complete platform here: And read this New Yorker interview.

Of course, the bigoted mud-slinging from the right has already started. Within hours of Gillum’s victory, his GOP opponent and die-hard Trumper Ron DeSantis used a vile, racist dog-whistle in an interview on - you guessed it - Fox “news.”

We focus a lot on the Blue Wave in Congress, but governorships are equally important to the cause. To support this terrific candidate, go here to donate money or volunteer to knock on doors, etc.

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