#DGB #TBT School Shootings are Real


Your DGB for this Throwback Thursday is to tell Trump to use his Twitter fingers to take down InfoWars.

More than a year has passed since this Grab asking Trump to disavow nutjob Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook conspiracy bullshit:

Since then, a Florida woman was sentenced to five months in prison for making death threats against the father of Noah Pozner, age six, who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Alex Jones has championed the spread of conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy, leading to incidents like this. Parents, including Pozner’s father, have now sued Jones for defamation.

As far as Jones’ relationship with Trump, it seems to be a bit strained these days, with Jones’s recent unhinged crying and swearing at the president over Syria strikes. Considering that Trump has flown into a Twitter rage at just about everyone from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Kristen Stewart, surely he can denounce Alex Jones over his “Fuck you, Trump”- if not for the 20 schoolchildren and tortured survivors of the Sandy Hook Massacre that was DEFINITELY REAL, BTW- then for his own fragile ego.

Let @realDonaldTrump know that someone has insulted him. You can also contact your favorite White House correspondent and encourage them to ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Trump’s response to Jones and/or the recent lawsuit.


Making Moves for the Massacre


Your DGB for today is to make your plans for the impending firing of Robert Mueller.

Yesterday, the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office, and hoo boy is Trump big mad about. You can watch the press conference where he rants about it here:  Some of the highlights include him forgetting how long he has been president and referring to it as “what feels like a very long time.” He calls the the entire investigation a witch hunt multiple times, and even quotes a made up reporter saying the the reporter said “this is ridiculous.” He EVEN rants about Hillary Clinton and how no one is looking at her crimes (psssttt… they already did and didn’t find anything, little buddy.)

Today we want you to sign up for the rapid response team with the March for Truth to be prepared to mobilize immediately if and when Trump fires Mueller. You can also sign up to receive a text from them when the inevitable happens. Sign up now, get your signs ready, and be prepared to take to the streets.

Now, more than ever, we need to rally around Mueller.


Mascara Wands for Wildlife


Your DGB for today is to send your old mascara wands to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Since we can’t trust the government to protect the environment, more than ever it’s up to us. One small way we can help is to recycle those mascara wands we were about to toss in the trash. The refuge uses the wands to clean harmful parasites and other things from the fur and feathers of wild animals they rescue. You can send your own in, or host a party to collect more wands from your friends and family. 

We know this seems like small potatoes, but it’s tiny actions like this - multiplied by many people - that will ultimately make a big difference.


Still Looking for that Dream

Your DGB for today is to learn some facts about the state of racism in the U.S. 50 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and get involved in the fight against it.

Today marks a dark anniversary for this country, as a half-century ago today Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Rather than posting out-of-context-quote containing memes of Dr. King to commemorate his passing, we would like you to learn about the state of race relations in today’s America. Spoiler alert: things are not good.

Article about recent findings on the outcomes of Black boys:

Article on recent report finding racial inequality remains deeply entrenched since 1968:

Article on racism and homelessness:

So what to do? You have many options.

Find and support a progressive Black candidate for office:

Find and support a minority-owned business:

Support Black Lives Matter:

Join the NAACP:

Let’s Grab back by honoring the sacrifice Dr. King made and further the fight against racism.


Sinclair Broadcasting


Your DGB for today is to check out this list of TV stations and if your local station turns out to be part of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, please boycott the hell out of it.

What is Sinclair Broadcast Group and why should you care? As is more and more common in this day and age, we must turn to comedy for the answer. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has a brilliant segment on the company that explains what you need to know. Basically, Sinclair is a right-leaning, pro-Trump outfit that owns an alarming number of local outlets, and it is sneakily inserting its agenda into TV news across the country. A deal in the works to merge with another broadcast group makes Sinclair more relevant - and dangerous - than ever.

Recently, Sinclair sent a script to its affiliates that it required newscasters to deliver.  The script has your local anchors delivering a speech that decries the current rise of “fake news” and vowing to offer a more balanced view. The trouble is, that what they are calling fake news is the same stuff Trump calls fake news. You know - FACTS. This mandatory announcement sounds okay on the surface, but actually signals a sort of Trumpist “both-sides-ism.” And as we all know, sometimes there really AREN’T good people on both sides.

So we’re asking you to boycott these Sinclair-owned stations. Let them know you won’t be watching, and why. If your market has a competitor, give them some love. And share your actions on social media.

Oconomowoc School District


Your DGB for today is to contact Superintendent Roger Rindo and School Board President Donald Wiemer, of the Oconomowoc, WI school district.

Back in January, students were invited to participate in a “privilege aptitude test” activity developed by the National Civil Rights Museum. Some snowflake parents got upset about being told they had an advantage in life, which is apparently a hard pill to swallow when you’ve made so little of yourself despite it. They even called in to a local conservative radio station for an echo chamber session.

The all-white school board decided there will be no further discussion of white privilege in their district, which has 88.9% white enrollment. Wiemer, explained "Our board is fine with discussions about diversity ... but white privilege is a lightning rod for some parents. We have poor people in Oconomowoc who are saying they're not privileged ... and people that say, 'Don, we worked our butts off to have what we have.’”

Superintendent Rindo denied a request by a high school student club focused on equality to organize a "privilege walk," saying in an email that the district has to be "prudent and mindful of the context in which we live and work."

Apparently, the irony of allowing white voices to silence an entire district’s discussion of white privilege is lost on these administrators. Let them know their actions perfectly illustrate the need for such education.


Time to Ring the Shame Bell, Again


Your DGB for today is to contact Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and ask them why they are protecting the president and not the people and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Yesterday, House Intel Committee members ended their investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, saying there wasn’t evidence of collusion. This, is despite the fact that the intelligence community says there was definitely something going on and Russia was most definitely trying to get Trump elected. You can read more about their findings, or lack thereof, here: 

We want you to contact Republican members of the House Intel Committee today and urge them to put country over party and reopen the investigation. Ring that shame bell, and ring it loud. I mean, are we really going to let a committee led by Devin Nunes, who was supposed to recuse himself, end an investigation that hasn’t even interviewed key figures like Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, or Paul Manafort yet? You can find members of the House Intel Committee here:

It should also be noted that the Senate Intel Committee is still moving forward with their investigation, despite the fact their House colleagues spines just slipped right out of their backs.


Contributing our Thoughts and Prayers



Your DGB for today is to send campaign contributions to the politicians that  have received money from the NRA, in the amount of thoughts and prayers.




We clearly can’t compete with the NRA’s contributions, but surely politicians like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz must be running low on thoughts and prayers, so why not just send them some. You can follow our above sample letter, or make up your own. Be sure to add in the amount of donations they have received from the NRA which you can find here:

We are tired of being held hostage by the NRA and our inept government. Hopefully these thoughts and prayers will give politicians the moral support they need to finally do the right thing, enact smart gun regulations and start protecting the children of this country. And if they don’t, we will be donating actual dollars to the people running against them in the coming elections.



Disarm Your Mutual Funds


Your DGB for today is to check your mutual funds (should you own any) for their investment in gun manufacturing. 

Simply enter the name of the fund or its ticker symbol, and the site will tell you how many stocks in that fund are gun-related, and what percentage of the fund they comprise. A link to the fund’s SEC filings will tell you even more. Go a step further and enter the amount of money you have invested in the fund, and the site will calculate how much of your money is invested in gun or ammo manufacturing. Armed with this data, you can make an informed decision about how and where to invest your family’s dough.

This country’s sick obsession with guns has got to stop, and we must address it from every angle. Those of us in a position to do so need to invest wisely and ethically.


Make Twitter More Accessible


Your DGB for today is to update your Twitter settings to make Twitter more accessible to the visually impaired.

Twitter can be both the best and the worst of the internet. It’s brought us joy and it’s brought us pain, but it should be accessible to everyone and it’s actually super easy to do that. Visually impaired Twitter user Rob Long gave simple instructions on how to add a verbal description to images you post on Twitter so that visually impaired users can participate in all those cat memes you post.

Follow the instruction on this post and make Twitter more entertaining and informative for all.


Rosa Maria Hernandez


Your DGB for today is to help a child with special needs get back home.

The story of Rosa Maria Hernandez is about as heartbreaking as they come.

She arrived in the United States illegally from Mexico with her parents at three months old. Now ten years old, she has cerebral palsy and has the mental capacity of a five year-old. Wait, it gets worse. Recently requiring emergency gallbladder surgery, she was being transported by ambulance in Texas, when border patrol intercepted her at a checkpoint. It gets even worse. Agents followed the ambulance, waited outside her hospital room until discharge, and then detained her instead of letting her go home to her parents in Laredo. Trump’s America is a place where disabled children are detained for seeking medical care.

Rosa Maria is in a juvenile shelter in San Antonio awaiting deportation proceedings, which have yet to be scheduled. The facility is run by the Office Of Refugee Resettlement, a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services, which can be reached at 202 401 9246 and told to immediately place Rosa Maria back with her parents or another family member.


Mikki Metteba


Your DGB for today is to support high school student Mikki Metteba’s right to peaceful protest.

A senior at Window Rock High School in Fort Defiance, Arizona, Mikki Metteba was recently given in-school suspension for wearing an anti-colonialist and anti-fascist t-shirt protesting Donald Trump’s penchant for both. Like 99% of the students at Window Rock, Mikki is Navajo. We think Indigenous voices should be amplified, not silenced; so does her brother, Ty Metteba. Ty wrote this post on Facebook outlining the legal basis for Mikki’s right to protest and asking the school to make things right. Specifically, he requests that the school apologize to his sister and remove the suspension from her record. In his post he includes the school’s phone number (928) 729 7002 and a sample letter you can send to:


Window Rock High School

PO Box 559

Navajo Route 12

Fort Defiance, AZ 86504


Incidentally, if you would like a t-shirt like Mikki’s, go on over to the shop at Indigenous Action Media was founded “to provide strategic communications and direct action support for Indigenous communities sacred lands defense.” Go for the t-shirts, stay for the news and activism.


Brought to You by the Letter “F”: FCC, First Amendment, & Free Press


Your DGB for today is to ask the FCC to condemn attacks on press freedom by POTUS. 

One of the first things Hitler did was to undermine the free press, since having pesky journalists telling the masses the truth is the last thing an autocrat wants. Wanna-be dictator and all-round bully, Donald J. Trump, is no different. He constantly characterizes any news outlet that doesn’t show him deference or unflattering story as “fake news.” Last week he brazenly suggested that NBC have its “license” revoked for writing something he didn’t like. Listen fella, that’s not how this democracy thing works. That’s not how any of this works.

When you go to the link above, you’ll be able to join others in petitioning Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC, to speak out against the attempts by the president to topple one of the pillars of a free and open society.

“The Emperor has no clothes.” - a journalist, probably




Your DGB for today is to let ESPN know they are fouling out on racial justice.

For a second, back in September, we thought maybe ESPN would stand by Jemele Hill and on the right side of history after she called Trump a white supremacist. What can we say? Sometimes we at DGB have a misplaced faith in humanity.

Caving under what we can only assume was the pressure of presidential tweets, the network decided to suspend Hill on October 9, citing a “second violation of our social media guidelines” after she suggested a boycott of Dallas Cowboys sponsors.

Today, you’ll let ESPN know that they need to grow a pair and stand by their talent, even if that person is, god forbid, a Black woman with an opinion.

Call ESPN Corporate Offices at (860) 766-2000 and press 1 or send them a message here:


DeAndre Harris


Your DGB for today is to intervene again in the ongoing white supremacist issues in Charlottesville, VA.

When actual goddamn nazis descended on Charlottesville back in August, Black counter-protester, DeAndre Harris, was badly beaten by a group of white supremacists in a video widely circulated online. Resulting crowdsourcing led by activist Shaun King eventually led to the identification and arrest of two of Harris’ attackers.

Later, a man named Ray Crews, member of a documented hate group, alleged that Harris injured him that same day. After Charlottesville police declined to immediately arrest Harris based on the allegation, Crews went directly to a local judge. We don’t know exactly what occurred, but a warrant was issued for Harris’ arrest, circumventing the usual course of law enforcement. It looks shady.

Today, you’ll contact the Chief Magistrate in the Charlottesville district and let them know this doesn’t pass the smell test.


Avnel Alair Coates

Sixteenth Judicial District

1610 Avon Street Extended

Charlottesville, VA 22902

(434) 977-0220


NFL Policies


Your DGB for today is to contact the NFL about their upcoming league meetings.

This week in How Black People Are Allowed To Move Their Bodies, Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to his teams, stating that “everyone should stand” during the national anthem and that the NFL will soon present a plan to “move past this controversy” after leaders meet in New York next week.

Unless Roger has a magic racial injustice undoer wand, this sounds like a bunch of privileged nonsense to us.

The following day, the league walked back this memo after an unhinged tweet from you-know-who, stating that no policy change is yet in place. For people in the business of strategy, the NFL is pretty crappy at presenting a clear game plan.

You can let the league know that protests will stop right around the time equality dawns and to quit trying to play both sides of this issue by tweeting the Commissioner @nflcommish or calling the NFL at (212) 450 2000.


Trump’s Tax Scam


Your DGB for today is to sign up with and get ready to fight this next legislative agenda item.

The package that arrives wrapped in pretty “tax reform” paper is actually, surprise surprise, just ugly tax cuts for the wealthy. Trump, his family, and his friends stand to benefit. It’s almost as though we elected a sleazy business man to our country’s highest office. Read all about the corruption on the site, which is a subset of the Indivisible movement and has a multitude of toolkits, scripts, and even a state-by-state breakdown of impacts.

Don’t count on the ineptitude of Mitch McConnell this time around. Nothing motivates quite like money, making this an especially tough battle for the Resistance.


Bossier Parish, Louisiana Public Schools


Your DGB for today is to contact the Superintendent’s office of Bossier Parish Schools in Louisiana.

After the recent surge in public protests from professional athletes, Superintendent Scott Smith decided to threaten student athletes with disciplinary action for exercising their First Amendment rights, bringing to mind the forced Nazi flag salutes of 1930’s Germany.

Today, you’ll call his office with the contact information provided below and give him hell using your own creativity or this DGB suggested script:


“The US Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that no student has to stand, salute, or even recite the Pledge of Allegiance. You’ve stepped way beyond the jurisdiction of your office and should walk back your threats immediately.”

If you or someone you know in Louisiana has received a letter from your public school or district about a national anthem policy, let the ACLU know here:


I Think You Better Sign this Petition… Sign It!


Your DGB for today is to sign this petition to change the name of Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas, TX to Erykah Badu Park.

A statue of Robert E. Lee was recently removed from a park in Dallas, TX, but the park is still named after Confederate General Lee. DGB wants to replace ALL confederate monuments, statues, and parks. So today we are just asking you to sign the petition to honor Dallas native Badu. If you happen to live in Texas, particularly Dallas, give your city council members a call.

We think ya better call Dallas (call him)

And tell him come on, help you get your confederate shit.


Climate Change is Real


Your DGB for today is to contact the office of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and let her know that climate change is real and that we need to rejoin the Paris Agreement at the UN Convention on Climate Change in November.

We have all seen the most recent destruction that nature and climate change has caused. As skin-suit-wearing Ted Cruz said yesterday at TribFest2017 “We’ve had hurricanes since the dawn of time,” which is true, but what he totally failed to mention is that hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Maria, are all increasing in force because of climate change.

We can’t just sit idly by anymore and no do anything about our own personal carbon footprint and we sure as hell can’t drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement. So today you’ll contact UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s office and let her know that we believe in climate change and it’s high time we do something about it. We don’t want to just sit and watch as Puerto Rico is hit with a storm so powerful, it left atomic bomb like destruction in it’s wake. You can contact her office through this form and let it all out. You have a 2,500 character limit; plenty of space to take them to task. Now is the time to let your righteous rage flow because this earth is all we have and we have to do our damndest to protect her.