Save Endangered Democrats Part 2

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Your DGB for today is to donate to a progressive candidate before the trick-or-treating begins.

Missouri’s Claire McCaskill is currently trailing her challenger.

In Montana, Trump is still pissed at Jon Tester for taking down Ronny Jackson and is going hard for his opponent. Tester is still up slightly, but can’t afford to slip.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 6 Days



Your DGB for today is to support the ideals held by the Tree of Life Synagogue.

We won’t rehash the disgusting turn our country took this past weekend, but we will tell you to honor those who lost their lives by building up the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which has worked tirelessly around the world to help refugees rebuild their lives for over 130 years.

Quick donation link here:

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 8 Days

Revisit Those Flippable Senate Seats


Your DGB for today is to give democratic senate candidates in four crucial states a last minute push.

Feel free to look back at our Flip A Senate Seat series on these candidates or donate below.

Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona (Coward Jeff Flake’s seat)

Jacky Rosen of Nevada (Dean Heller’s seat)

Taylor Swift-endorsed Phil Bredesen of Tennessee (Bob Corker’s seat)

Beto O’Rourke of Texas (Zodiac Killer’s seat)


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 27 Days

Separated Children


Happy Monday, there are still hundreds of immigrant children living in tent cities after being separated from their parents this past summer. Your DGB for today is to help KIND to advocate for these traumatized little ones.

Kids In Need of Defense has been helping migrant children in many ways over the past decade, but one of their core missions has become crucially necessary in recent months. Founded by Microsoft and Angelina Jolie, KIND’s network of legal experts make sure each unaccompanied child has excellent representation in court. Their educational resources are extensive, which you can find here:

If that’s too overwhelming (it’s been a tough weekend, we know) you can simply donate here:!/donation/checkout

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 29 Days



Your DGB for this Throwback Thursday is to check out this previous Grab, because hey, here we are again. The GOP is going to try and ram another sexual predator down our throats, and this time the fellow is going to have his job - deciding the issues for all Americans - for the rest of his damned life. Isn’t that swell? If you think we sound a little angry, you’d be a lot right. The GOP appears to be deaf to the cries from the #MeToo movement, blind to the lessons of the Anita Hill testimony, and insensitive to the experiences of millions of survivors. It’s enough to make a girl want to scream or maybe rage-binge an entire sheet cake.

Instead of posting a pic under the hashtag #MeAt14, this time we’d just like you to donate to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. And if you need to, avail yourself of their resources. Help is available 24/7 at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Security for Christine Blasey Ford


Your DGB for today is to donate a few bucks to help Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, pay for private security. That’s right - Kavanaugh’s wife is passing out cupcakes to the press camped outside their home, while Dr. Ford and her family have had to go into hiding and hire bodyguards due to doxxing and death threats. Gee, we can’t imagine why more women don’t come forward. We make it so gosh-darned appealing to do so!

Anyway, private security is expensive and we don’t think Ford should have to pay a penny of it herself. So funnel your white-hot rage about how far we haven’t come since the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings into action and donate. If the patriarchy won’t protect her, we’ll just have to do it ourselves. As usual.

Don’t Burn Your Bra, Recycle It


Do you have a couple of gently-used bras that haven’t put in any flying time lately? Maybe that band never felt quite right. Perhaps Righty stayed put just fine but Lefty always had some spillover issues. The folks over at ThirdLove have got some suggestions for what to do with those brassieres that are collecting dust instead of crumbs. Your DGB for today is to find a way to put them to use. Way too many bras end up in a landfill every year because we just don’t think to donate or recycle them when we clean out our closets.

First go here to the ThirdLove blog post:

Next, follow their directions on who, what, and where to donate your stuff (some of these places take lingerie and swimsuits, too!) Finally, find a bra and send it off.

Grab back some breast support for someone in need.

Turn Your Blue Jeans Into Insulation


Is your formerly favorite pair of denims more run away than runway? Has your Canadian tuxedo been hanging in the closet longer than it hung on your body? Has the tattered look ventured too far into rag territory to be socially acceptable for public wear? Your DGB for today is to find a pair of jeans to recycle with the Blue Jeans Go Green Program.

You can find out more about the initiative here:

And donate here:

Click the Mailing Guideline link on that page to find out how to mail them in and even print out a mailing label.

If the thought of turning your old Calvin Kleins into insulation gets you super motivated, Blue Jeans Go Green will also help you put together a denim drive. Scroll down that same page and click on the Get Details link for information.

Grab back some denim out of the dump.

Supply Some Supplies


Summer is drawing to a close but before you bust out your puffy vests and PSLs, pitch in and help make this time of year a little less stressful for parents of school kids. As state and local budgets are cut to the bone, schools are tasked with keeping the buildings safe, the lights on and the teachers paid with less and less money. And as these budgets shrink, school supply lists grow, placing the burden of filling the gap on parents and teachers. These supplies are relatively inexpensive but when money is tight, you have multiple children, and your school has asked for extras like toilet paper and cleaning fluid, it quickly adds up.

Your DGB for today is to donate some pencils, paper, highlighters or something to a school supply drive. There are a few ways you can do this:

Find a drive near you. This time of year there are probably several. Just plug in “where can I donate school supplies” and the magic of Google will suggest a local donation spot.

Drop some off at your local school. If you go this route may we suggest you focus on things like cleaning wipes, paper towels, copier paper...stuff that will help keep the building and administration going. These items are often overlooked by local drives and charities.

The Kids in Need Foundation collects both cash and bulk products to distribute to schools in need across the country. Their donation page is here:



Grab back-to-school!


Janelle Bynum

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Your DGB for today is to support Oregon State Representative Janelle Bynum.

While out in her district as part of her reelection campaign, Rep. Bynum was rolled up on by a Sheriff’s Deputy. Come to find out that one of her constituents had called the police to report that Bynum was going door to door and typing on her phone a lot between houses. This is what’s known in most human circles as “canvassing” and isn’t usually suspicious. Unless of course you’re #CampaigningWhileBlack. We can unfortunately now add Walking While State Representative to the very long list of things you can’t do if you’re Black, which also includes activities such as mowing grass and performing voluntary community service, among many, MANY others.

Reject this kind of casual, prevalent racism by donating to Bynum’s campaign here:


End the Backlog


Your DGB for today is to help end the backlog of untested rape kits in the US.

There are hundreds of thousand of rape kits, sitting in evidence rooms across the country, just waiting to be tested. And why haven’t they been? Money. Apparently catching rapists just isn’t worth the cost, but there’s something you personally can do.

We did a grab exactly one year ago about ending the backlog,, and we are happy to announce that Texas did pass the bill to allow crowdfunding of testing for rape kits. In its first month, an initiative that allowed you to donate $1.00 or more fund the processing of rape kits when you applied for your Texas Drivers License, earned $25,000 towards its cause. Imagine if other states followed suit.

Here’s what you can do to make that happen, you can check out and find out what’s happening in your state. They have sections for you to contact your representative, get involved and to donate.

Ending this backlog will catch criminals. It will bring closure to hundreds of thousands of women. And, most importantly, it lets victims and potential victims know that this crime does matter, that what happened to them is wrong, and that we’re going to do everything in our power to catch and stop who did this. Ending rape culture can start with one simple little step of showing that we will find and catch rapists, and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

In the words of our hero, Olivia Benson, “Healing begins when someone bears witness. I saw you. I believe you.”


The Gift of Music

Untitled design (6).jpg

Your DGB for today is to use your old i-gadget to enhance the life of someone suffering with dementia.

Do you have an old-but-still-works iPod, iPad or iPhone laying around unused since you last updated? It still works so you just hate to recycle it, but you are trying to cut the clutter? Consider donating it to the organization Music and Memory. They collect Apple music players and give them to nursing homes. Th

ere is real and amazing science behind what listening to music from their past can do for a person who has lost their memories. Read more here:

The donation page is here and you will even get a free shipping label for your device:

Grab that old Apple and give someone back their past.


Full for the Summer


Your DGB for today is to find, support and/or spread the word about your local Summer Feeding Program.

Schools across the country are letting out for the summer. While lazier, warmer, and more relaxed days are ahead for many children, this season brings fewer meals for those that rely on free meal programs during the school year. That’s where summer feeding programs come in. We would like you to locate one for the children in your area, support it monetarily with a small donation, share information about it or consider sponsoring a site if you have the resources and discover a need.

About the USDA program:

Locate a site here:

Information about sponsoring a site:

Many non-profit organizations have summer meal programs so don’t give up if nothing in your immediate area shows up in the USDA finder. Here are some links to check out:

Feeding America:

Focus North America:

You can also get information from your state’s department of education as many states have their own programs.

Grab back and help a kid eat this summer!


Guns Down America Billboards


Your DGB for today is to help put up some billboards calling out Bank of America for going back on its word.

After the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida a slew of companies announced ways they were breaking ties with the gun industry or gun lobby. While a hopeful and positive drop step toward changing the gun culture here in the U.S., it will only work if the businesses actually follow through on their promises. According to Guns Down, an organization fighting gun culture at every level, after an announcement that it would stop funding military-style weapons manufacturers, Bank of America did just the opposite and loaned Remington over $40 million dollars to help it emerge from bankruptcy. Read more here:


And here:


Guns Down has come up with a good way to take them to task by placing billboards throughout Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here’s a description of the effort:


And the donation page:


While you are at it, check out Guns Down and see what they’re about. Join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @gunsdownamerica.


National Bail Out


Your DGB for today is to donate to or volunteer with National Bail Out.

You may have noticed a recent surge of publicized incidents involving Black people having the police called on them for doing everyday activities. When you are Black, you could be arrested for doing something like going to Starbucks or even for trying to enter your own gated community like rapper T.I. was yesterday.

Even people engaging in non-violent illegal activities like smoking marijuana are much more likely to be arrested if they’re Black.

And for those people who don’t have stacks on deck and Patron on ice, bail money can stand between us and our families, livelihoods, and sometimes even lives. Sandra Bland was unable to post $500 towards bail and died after three days in jail in 2015.

Read more about the impact of the bail system on marginalized communities here:

Then go and help National Bail Out get people back to their lives while ultimately working to end the cash bail system.


The Michael OD Brown Foundation


Your DGB for today is to support Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, as she prepares to run for city council of Ferguson, MO.

McSpadden has announced that she’s running for City Council and we want to support her every step of the way. She doesn’t have an official campaign yet, so we’re choosing to support her by championing The Michael OD Brown Foundation, which she started after her son was murdered by police.

The Michael OD Brown Foundation, also known as the We Love Our Sons & Daughters Foundation, has four core components that they work towards which include being advocates for justice, improving health, advancing education, and strengthening family. They also offer the Rainbow of Mother’s, which is a group of multicultural mothers who have lost children. This group provides support to those in need, whether it’s funding therapy, legal help, etc. They also have a sister program called STRIVEE Institute for siblings who have lost a loved one due to trauma.

In addition to these programs, the Michael OD Brown Foundation also has health resources, family resources, and grief recovery support groups. Programs like these need our support, and women like Lezley McSpadden need to be running our government. So donate what you can and change the future of our country.


Mother’s Day


Your DGB for today is to make the world better on behalf of and for moms everywhere, in the process of celebrating Mother’s Day this coming weekend. Donate in Mom’s name to one of the following charities, related to or founded by moms:

A coalition of organizations - under the umbrella of National Bail Out - work to end money bail, which disproportionately affects Black and brown people. In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, there is an effort to bail out as many Black moms as possible, so they can spend the holiday with their families:


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was started by a mom in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting and now has chapters in all 50 states. It has active campaigns to promote and establish common-sense gun laws in the USA.


The International Rescue Committee has several ways to help moms and their families in peril around the world. They are very active in the Syrian refugee crisis and the famine in Yemen.


Black Lives Matter is an organization and movement deeply rooted in the experience of Black mothers losing their children to racist violence by law enforcement. No mother should fear sending their kids out into the world the way Black women do. Please donate here:


Your local domestic abuse shelter helps hundreds of mothers and children flee from domestic violence and get back on their feet in the aftermath. If you don’t know who does this work in your community, search here: and donate in your own city or state.


One last thought: This month can be hard on lots of people - women struggling with infertility, folks who have lost their moms, moms who have lost their children, people who have complicated and painful relationships with their moms, kids with two dads, kids whose moms are enlisted overseas or in prison at this time. Spare a thought and a kind word for these folks around this holiday. And if this is you, we at DGB send you our best wishes and a big hug.


Books for Prisoners


Your DGB for today is to find a way to send books to prisoners.

Despite the fact that we in the United States spend over $180 billion a year on incarceration, very little of it goes to prisoner work training, education or rehabilitation. Prisoners are subjected to isolation and lack of mental stimulation, many times leaving prison more mentally ill or violent than they were when they initially entered the place. Prison libraries can be a vital resource, offering respite from boredom and a way for inmates to connect with the outside world. These libraries need your assistance in staying stocked with a variety of current and interesting materials. Several national and regional organizations provide this kind of support and we hope that you will choose one or two to support today with your money and/or used (and appropriate - please be sure to check donation guidelines!) books.

National organizations: Prison Book Program, Books to Prisoners, Prison Book Project, Prisoners Literature Project.

Many states and regions have their own book collection programs so try searching your state name and “books for prisoners” to find out how to participate locally. You may even find chance to volunteer and Grab back that way.

Send a book, save a brain!


A Good Guy Without a Gun


Your DGB for today is to help the victims of the Waffle House shooting.

James Shaw Jr. is a national hero and single-handedly stopped the man who shot up a Waffle House in Tennessee. Not only did he prevent even more tragic deaths from happening, but Shaw also started a GoFundMe account to raise money for families who lost four beautiful lives in the tragedy. He has surpassed his meager goal, but we at DGB want to make sure the families of Joe R. Perez, age 20, DeEbony Groves, age 21, Taurean C. Sanderlin, age 29, and Akilah Dasilva, age 23, are well taken care of. To know more about the lives of the victims and their families, read here. To donate to their memorial fund, go here.

Shaw is honoring the victims and there’s a way you can honor and thank him in turn. Yashar Ali started a GoFundMe to start a college fund for Shaw’s four year old daughter. You can donate to that fund here.

Knowing there are people like James Shaw Jr in this world warms the cold dark recesses of our DGB heart. We need more people like him. And funny… the only thing that stopped a bad guy with a gun, was a great guy without one. That’s not the narrative the NRA has been feeding us.


Rohingya Crisis


Your DGB for today is to donate $5 to help Rohingya refugees.

Tragically, there there is no shortage of refugee crises these days. While the media is largely focused on the plight of Syrians, there is another group looking to escape repression and violence: the Rohingya people in Myanmar. They are a Muslim ethnic minority in a majority Buddhist country who have been subject to unspeakable atrocities at the hands of their own government. Villages have been reduced to smoking piles of rubble, the military seems to be using rape as a tool of oppression, and children are starving. Right now the bulk of the refugees have ended up in Bangladesh, which does not have the resources to properly care for one million tired and hungry newcomers.

The need is large and growing, but every dollar helps. Here are three good choices for where to send your donation:


Our own current government isn’t very friendly towards refugees, especially Muslim refugees. But we, the people, can show a better face to the world. Please give what you can.