Actual Goddamn Nazis in Charlottesville

Your DGB for today is to go to this Twitter thread, pick a good cause in Charlottesville, VA, and make a material donation as a stand against the hate we’ve seen there this week. 

On Friday and Saturday, unabashed and unashamed racist hatemongers took to the streets of Charlottesville, VA to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate leader, General Robert E. Lee.  Scores of people were injured, and one counter-protester was killed by a terrorist mowing down people in the street. Despite the argument that Confederate statues represent “Southern pride” and not white supremacy, we note that those agitating for the statues to remain were carrying flags with swastikas on them, shouting Nazi slogans, and throwing up the Nazi straight-arm salute.

We also note that those irritating red MAGA hats made an appearance on the heads of white supremacists marching, some shouted “Heil Trump”, and that former KKK grand wizard David Duke specifically said he was marching in Donald Trump’s name. Before pandering to these deplorables, the President should’ve listened to Fox Mulder, who once wisely asked “Did you really think you could call up the devil and expect him to behave?”

While Trump and his followers have made being openly racist “cool” again, they did not invent racism. It’s been here the whole time, ever since this country was founded on stolen land and built with kidnapping and enslavement. Not that it *ever* was, but this is NO TIME to sit on the sidelines. Stand up against institutional racism, micro-aggressions, white supremacy, white privilege, and all that messy, ugly stuff. After you donate to a Charlottesville organization, look around you at your own family, your community, and yourself and ask: how can you make a change?