Refuge Restroom


Your DGB for today is to help fellow citizens have access to safe restrooms.

When you are transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming, your entire day has to be structured around where you will use the restroom and if you will face harassment for doing so. Using public bathrooms is risky enough without worrying about bigots, don’t you think?

Refuge Restroom has a searchable database of safe facilities, but also uses crowdsourcing to increase locations. When you see a restroom that’s accessible to all individuals regardless of their gender, please submit it!

Download the App for iPhone or Android below:



Your DGB for today is to get the word out about the new app, MigraCam, offered by the ACLU.

It’s no secret that the Trump administration has increased its immigration raids. After a recent raid on a Tennessee meat packing plant, where over 100 people were accused of being here illegally, more than 500 students missed school the next day for fear of another raid.

MigraCam helps people living in immigrant communities to notify their families if they have been detained in a raid or a traffic stop. It offers features like live streaming, sharing your location with family and friends, notifications of current raids, voice command to open MigraCam, and much more. DGB thinks it’s imperative to get the word out about this much needed app, especially when we are living in a time where Trump and his Fox pals are vilifying immigrants, including those in the caravans that are attempting to seek asylum. You can read more about the caravans and the myths surrounding them here:


Imagine Your Life as a Refugee

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Your DGB for today is to download and play the My Life As a Refugee App Game.

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), every 8 minutes a person becomes a refugee. Fleeing violence means leaving your belongings, family, culture and country. Refugees are often lumped into discussions about immigration, but their experiences are very distinct from those that pursue new homes for economic or less dramatic reasons. To illustrate this, the UNHCR created a game app that “lets players contemplate the same life-changing decisions refugees make in a true-to-life quest to try to survive, reach safety, reunite with loved ones and restart their lives.”

Read more about the agency here:

And download the app for iPhones here:

And Androids here:

And of course we would love it if you decided to take further action for refugees as suggested by the United Nations, here:

Grab back and learn about the refugee experience.


Excuse Me

Your DGB for today is to - “excuse me, but have you heard this new vinyl?”- I'm sorry, what? Where was I? Oh right, your DGB for today - “This IPA has the best hops, bruh.” - What is going on here? Your DGB for today is to - “I just wanted to make sure you heard about this new vegan place before you went on any further, their massaged kale, I just…” - DUDE, stop manterrupting me! Your DGB for today is to download the Woman Interrupted app and spread the word about manterrupting.

Manterruption is described as “a behavior when men interrupt women unnecessarily. It stops women from expressing themselves and has a deep impact on their studies, careers, and personal lives.” It is so prevalent in our society that men often don’t even realize that they’re doing it, and women are often seen as the rude ones for correcting them. The app was inspired by watching the presidential debates, where Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times in one debate alone.

Today we are asking you to go to the Woman Interrupted website and watch the short video with clips of famous women being interrupted. How could anyone forget Kanye’s infamous line of “Imma let you finish, but…” Yeah, that was classic manterrupting, heightened to a Kanye level. After watching the video, explore some facts on their website (like men dominate 75% of conversations during conference calls) and then download the app. DGB used it for some research and discovered a certain spouse manterrupted ten times in a 15 minute conversation about this week's plans. Men can also download the app. You choose your gender and then do a series of voice recognition tests. So if you are a man, you can see if you are a chronic manterrupting offender and work on ways to improve yourself and amplify female voices. The website also has some really amazing artwork for you to share across social media and to help get the word out that “it happens more than we think. And it needs to stop.”