Diversify Your Instagram


Black History Month is underway and it’s time to expand your circle of Instagram follows, your beauty standards, your inspiration, and, while you’re at it, listen to some voices of color. Your DGB for today is to check out some of the awesome Black Queer and Trans gals here and click “follow”!

Woody Allen Is Canceled


Hopefully most of you have already come to this conclusion on your own, but Woody Allen is unequivocal trash. Here’s a story about another teenager with whom he had a sexual relationship. This time, surprisingly, they appear not to have been relatives.

We get it, someone told you once that Allen’s movies were culturally relevant. Yeah, we all accepted a lot of things when we were freshmen in college. The taste of Jagermeister, for instance. That doesn’t mean it’s good or that we should swallow it and pretend we understand the appeal. It also doesn’t make you cool to imbibe ironically or to be deviantly contrary. We’re all set with that, too.

Your DGB for today is to quit watching Allen’s movies. Delete them from your libraries. His self-indulgent, autobiographical, pedophilic “art” can go right down the drain.

Problematic Recording Artists


Your DGB for today is to purchase and consume music mindfully.

When an artist does something you disagree with, the best way to show them is by no longer being a consumer of their pieces. On the heels of Kanye West’s declaration of Trump as his dragon energy brother, we here at DGB were left with an agonizing decision to make regarding our playlists. We had already denounced R. Kelly upon learning that after the show was the afterparty and after the party was the hotel lobby, but after that was apparently rape and child pornography. It was also easy to give up Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Kiss over their Trump support and hate speech. But, truth be told, we all still listen to Michael Jackson, and we haven’t gotten serious enough about giving up Nelly. DGB doesn’t aim to tell you whether or not it’s possible to separate an artist from their art, but we will note that Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, and Bill Cosby were all recently booted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their respective sex crimes.

Additionally, Spotify has recently announced it will no longer actively promote artists it deems harmful or hateful, beginning with R. Kelly.

If you’re ready to give up Kanye, or haven’t purged Nelly or Kelly, try replacing them with similar, but politically progressive artists like John Legend, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z. And find more anti-Trump raps to exercise to without guilt here:


Obama Official Portraits


Your DGB for today is to check out the artists of, and symbolism in, the Obamas’ recently unveiled official portraits.

Much like everything they do, the Obamas chose carefully and well when it came time to decide who would be painting their official portraits. They both selected Black artists with a body of work that included rich, colorful and interesting paintings of their chosen subjects. The Obamas’ portraits will stand out for a number of reasons notwithstanding their amazing subject matter.

President Obama’s portrait was created by Black contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley. You can find a biography, show schedule and an online gallery of his work, here. Michelle Obama also chose a Black contemporary artist in Amy Sherald. More about her and a gallery of her work, here.

Both paintings are rife with meaning and symbolism, important to both the Obama’s personally and Black Americans. Please honor that by learning more about those messages. You can start here and here.

Continue to recognize Black History Month by celebrating our favorite President and First Lady’s amazing portraits.


Broad City Protest Signs

Untitled design (38).jpg

Your DGB for today is to enhance your protest game with some downloadable posters from Broad City.

If you haven’t already discovered this Comedy Central gem of a show, do that too. Created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Broad City is the Millenials’ AbFab set in New York. By the grace of some feminist god, it returns on September 13th to make us all feel better about our lives and aid the Resistance with art. The series will even be bleeping out Trump’s name this season to spare us all the vulgarity.

Get your posters here, check our list of upcoming demonstrations by state here and march like a kween, yaaaassss.