Community Support

The Season Is Upon Us


Bet you thought we meant shopping season. Nope, we’re talking about the long and destructive fire season in California. Okay, actually it’s not technically “fire season” anymore - that’s generally considered to last June through October-ish. However, mega-fires raging all over the state in recent years have basically obliterated that concept. California is now on fire all the time, with images coming out of the devastation not unlike those from an apocalyptic movie.

Your DGB for this weekend is to look into how you can help.

Red Cross is always an excellent place to start for disaster relief charity

If you live in California, consider donating housing to evacuees via Air BNB

United Way NorCal and United Way Greater LA are both great places to donate and volunteer.

California Fire Foundation is an excellent way to support those firefighters out on the frontlines

Support Indigenous Communities


Your DGB for today is to find a way to support local indigenous communities.

Second only to Columbus Day on the list of Problematic American Holidays, Thanksgiving has almost arrived. And while a food coma makes it easy to ignore the uncomfortable realities of historical facts surrounding the original feast, we would like you to make a small effort to bring restoration to the people that lost so much in the building of this nation, the United States.

First, you will need to do a little research to find what Native American tribe(s) are local to your area. Here is a resource that can help:

Once you discover that information, find a way to assist.

Are they having issues with your town, city, county, state or Federal government? Contact your officials and let them know you want their need heard and a solution found.

Do they have art, food, books, music or other things for sale? Buy something.

Are they looking for volunteers with specific skills that you happen to have? Pitch in.

These are just a few suggestions. Find more here:

And here:

While your butter softens and your turkey brines, grab back and support your Native American neighbors.


Feed Your Community


Your DGB is to find, support, make, donate to or all of the above a micro-food pantry.

There’s a phenomenon catching on across the country that manages to connect neighbors, help the needy, and be generally adorable all at the same time. Known by a few different names, the Micro Food Pantry, the Little Free Pantry, or the Blessing Box have a very similar mission to our own here at DGB: small actions make a real difference.

Read more about the initiative here:

Finding one to support may take some investigation. For example, doing a Facebook search on the term “Blessing Box” will bring up those that have formal Facebook locations and tags located near you.

If you are feeling more inspired by the concept please check out where you can find a ton of resources about starting one up, yourself or getting your church, school or charitable organization to do one. Everything from building plans to legal advice is right there.

Grab back and box up a blessing!


Helping Each Other in Times of Crisis is What Makes America Great


Your DGB for today is to lend a hand to those affected by the worst flooding in American history. 

Hurricane Harvey continues to break records no one ever wished to see broken, by causing one of the worst natural disasters we’ve ever seen. The photos and videos out of Houston, TX and surrounding areas are horrifying, scary, and sad. But there are things you can do.

These organizations will gladly take your money, as their resources will be far outmatched by need in the coming days and weeks.  


Local food banks in the Houston area:


Local hospital:


Diapers for some of the smallest victims:


Pets left behind are going to need shelter and food, and help finding their owners again:


If you have an AirBnB in the area, you can provide emergency shelter:


National organizations providing range of services on the ground:


This storm is a humanitarian crisis, but we can rise to the occasion. Give what you can.


It’s IDAHOT 2017!

Your DGB for today is to find an action on the IDAHOT site and lend your support to the gay and trans community.


Some actions that are happening across the US to honor this day are:




  • A 60 minute Twitter Chat today from 12 - 1pm. The topic will focus on What Family Means in the Fight for LGBTQIA Equality.




An action can be a post to raise awareness (use the hashtags, @’s, and artwork featured on the IDAHOT website), physical participation in an event, or a donation to support LGBTQIA initiatives around the globe.


Or, you can get local, and host your own party or event, or put up a rainbow flag or sign on your lawn to let others know hate is not welcome in your neighborhood.



Community Gardening

Your DGB for today is to support community gardening!

Community gardening is a growing (pun totally intended) initiative that works to solve the problems of the lack of urban green spaces, food deserts, and disconnected neighborhoods. We would like you to find a local garden using this link provided by the American Community Garden Association: . And once you do, determine a way to help that program.

Are you a known Plant Assassin? Would no one describe you as having a green thumb? Let’s get real, if you look at a plant, does it start to wither and die? Hey, us too, but we really try, despite killing hundreds...maybe even thousands of plants. But that’s ok, not only do awesome gardeners oversee volunteers, they can also help you cultivate (pun once again intended) your gardening skills. If you can’t volunteer maybe a donation of supplies is needed. Digging (yep, again) into the pocket for a small cash donation is never a bad idea.

Grab some weeds, and a hoe (or a rake, or a trowel) and grab back!


Teacher Appreciation Day

Your DGB for today is to show a teacher some appreciation.

It’s Teacher Appreciation week all week long, but today, May 9th, is a day specifically dedicated to the educators who have impacted our lives. Teachers have the ability to shape the lives of our future generations. Not only do teachers educate, but teachers also help develop a passion for learning, direct career paths, and provide support, encouragement, counsel, and often protection for our most vulnerable. With the very real risk to education with 45’s appointment of Betsy DeVos, now more than ever, we need to show teachers we have their backs.

We are in no way trying to give you Pinterest worthy ideas, but we are offering you a gentle reminder that you should get in on this supporting of those who educate our youth. One quick and easy project is to get your children to write some thank you notes to their favorite teachers, then pick a dandelion or grab an apple to go with it, and DONE! The sentiment is there, the craft is free, and you’ve earned yourself some parenting brownie points. Support teachers because in times like these, we need education and a good support system more than ever.