Your DGB for today is to choose the word “accessible” over “handicapped” when talking about parking spaces, bathrooms, etc.

There’s a meme making the rounds these days that DGB would like to signal-boost, titled “cool disability psa.” In it, the originator points out that the word “accessible” re-frames the discussion by “putting the focus on the accessibility of the environment” and not the supposed deficits of users, which we agree is a welcome change.


This is a teeny tiny change we can all make to contribute to a kinder, gentler world for people with disabilities. Want to know what else you can do? Check out, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund. Their website has a ton of information, news, and a podcast, all related to disability justice.



Thank You For Your Service


Your DGB for today is to retire your pink kitty-ears hat, at least for marching. That’s it! Easy, huh? Your hat has more than fulfilled its duty, empowering you (w00t!!) and making a huge visual statement at the 2017 and 2018 marches - doesn’t it deserve a rest?

Women of color and trans women have been telling white, cis-women for over a year now that the hats are problematic. “It’s JUST A HAT!” you say, exasperatedly. Yes, but by the same token, if it’s “just a hat,” it should be easy to thank it for its service and hang it up, right? Our sisters are beginning to wonder if we are really serious about making our feminism intersectional and committed to standing up for them when we can’t even let go of a durned HAT. In addition to the hats excluding women of color and trans women, the widespread refusal to let them go has itself come to symbolize the broader problem of white feminism. White feminism centers the issues and voices of the most privileged women over those of everyone else and ignores the voices of the more marginalized. In light of this, this headgear has become truly divisive to the Women’s March, the Resistance, and the feminist movement. So please, the next time you break out your comfortable walking shoes and poster board, leave the pussy hats at home.



Charity Miles

Your DGB for this weekend is to download the Charity Miles app.

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume two of your New Year’s resolutions relate to giving back and exercise. (We know, we’re just intuitive like that.) Well, earning money for worthy causes while walking, running, or biking checks off two self-improvement boxes at once. Our runners at DGB selected She’s the First as our charity, an organization helping girls become the first in their families to graduate high school through scholarships.

So, when even David Guetta can’t inspire you to literally go that extra mile, you’ll have a charitable reason to press on.


Make 2018 the Year of the Woman


Your DGB for today is to make some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018 woman-centered.

Many people have called 2017 the Year of the Woman, and with the #MeToo movement and Wonder Woman being one of the top grossing films of the year, it’s easy to see why. At DGB, we want to see 2018 even more woman-centered and we need your help to do that.

Make some of your New Year’s resolutions woman-centered, and what we mean by that is, support companies run by women, read more literature written by women in 2018, watch movies and tv shows produced by women, donate to charities run by women, support women running for political office - you get the picture. Think of as many ways as you can personally help build up women in your community and the world, and stick with those goals all year round. Give us some of your suggestions.

Grab back and support women in 2018.


Save the Food


Your DGB for today is to check out and learn how to reduce your food waste.

Americans toss nearly 300 lbs of food per person, per year. If you look at the average lifespan of 80 years, that’s approximately 24,000 lbs of food. Save the Food offers easily doable tips to lower your family’s food waste, putting money back into your pocket, and less food waste into our landfills. Wasting food also wastes water. Making one pound of chicken is equivalent to running your shower for 174 minutes. Find more facts like these on their website.

Save the Food will give you recipes to reduce your waste, help you meal plan, teach you the proper ways to store food to make it last longer, know when you throw out your food, or what you can do with it to reduce waste and eliminate having to throw it out.

Join the movement and #SaveTheFood. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get these days.


Yoga Should Be for Everyone

Your DGB for today is help the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

While the efforts of some zealous acolytes (coughcoughhipsterscoughcough) have put yoga in danger of being an overexposed fad, the benefits of yoga are real, wide-ranging and impact both physical and mental well-being. (Interesting information found here: Unfortunately these benefits are elusive to many people due to the cost of classes, access to a studio, or even social anxiety. This is where Give Back Yoga comes in. They are a non-profit organization seeking to connect underserved populations with yoga through funding, resources, and programs.

Instructors, practitioners, studios, and anyone else can check out and get involved in one of their numerous initiatives located here:

We ALL need a little time (or lots of time) to calm down in the never-ending chaos of this administration, so namaste and Grab Back!



Assertiveness Training Part Two

Your DGB for today is to practice a few verbal skills to help you assert yourself.

This is the second installment in Grabs on assertiveness for people who identify as women. If you are a person who identifies as a man, go buy this shirt instead. If you missed yesterday’s Grab, start here.

Today, we add a few speaking techniques to your arsenal. Many of us replay interactions in our minds after the fact, imagining all the things we could have said to stand up for ourselves. Practice these two simple phrases in your daily life and you’ll be more likely to be blunt on your feet next time.


Say “No”

And do it without a qualifier. Don’t say “no, but…” or “not really” or “maybe.” Simply say “no.” It’s a powerful word when said alone and it may make you uncomfortable at first. The following everyday queries are great opportunities to use “no.”:

Someone asking to take you out for a meal/coffee/drinks

Advances from a mall kiosk employee

Upsells from servers or retailers


Say “Thank you”

Take credit for your worth. When someone compliments you, say “thank you.” Don’t say “thank you, but (so and so) helped” or “oh, it wasn’t a big deal.” Don’t diminish your value by lessening your accomplishments. Own that brilliance.


Stop saying “Sorry”

We aren’t asking you to remove this word from your vocabulary. If you truly did something wrong, by all means, let the “sorry”s flow freely, but we want you to stop saying sorry for things that aren’t your fault. Don’t say it when you’re in a meeting and you need to insert your opinion. Here is a great article on how one woman broke her “sorry” habit.

Now, between yesterday’s exercise and today’s verbal assignment, you’re basically Elizabeth Warren with a microphone. Congratulations!


Assertiveness Training Part One

Your DGB for today is to practice some visualization to prepare you to be more assertive.

This will be the first of two Grabs on assertiveness for people who identify as women. If you are a person who identifies as a man, go buy this shirt instead.

Now, all you need to do is get a few images in your mind that make you feel powerful. Imagining yourself as a warrior or another fierce figure can help you project confidence and strength. Read more about the power of visualization here. Here are a few badass women DGB staff like to imagine ourselves as:



Even if Human Resources won’t let you carry a wooden stake (totally lame policy, by the way) into your next work meeting, simply imagining yourself as having just slayed ten vampires is going to make you feel strong as hell.

Unbreakable! We alive, dammit!