Pence the Putz


Your DGB for today is to help draw attention to the scam that Mike Pence is trying to run on the American people.

Lately, despite numerous and sundry devastation of our country by fire, water, and wind, our President and his administration have decided to tackle an issue that only the most deplorable cares anything about: the positioning of NFL players’ bodies during the playing of the National Anthem. Because literally nothing is worse than a rich black person forgetting their place in Trump’s America, Trump and crew decided to kick things up a notch and stage a publicity stunt worthy of the WWE.

Last Sunday the Vice President, Mike Pence, showed up in Indiana to watch a Colts game only to be so shocked by the so-called lack of respect from kneeling players that he left early. It is also noteworthy that Trump himself has been banned from the NFL for life so he had no way to Tweet directly about the game himself. A few things to note about this incident:

Pence shared a three-year old picture of a game, too busy (or not bothering…) to snap a new photo. Security was alerted before Pence even arrived that he would likely leave early. This whole debacle cost the American taxpayer over $200,000.

Folks, let’s demand our money back. If Trump wants to send his minions on errands he can do it on his own dime. Color of Change (check them out here: https://www.colorofchange.org) has started a Twitter campaign to get Pence to pay back the money used for this shameful waste of taxpayer money not to mention a high-level public official’s time. Join in on #PencePayItBack on Twitter and Color of Change here: https://campaigns.organizefor.org/petitions/mike-pence-pay-the-money-you-wasted-targeting-black-athletes-back.

Grab back some stolen tax dollars!