Nia Wilson


Your DGB for today is to read about Nia Wilson and #SayHerName.

On July 22, Nia Wilson and her sister, Lahtifa (Black women) were switching trains at a BART station in Northern California when a white man walked up to them and stabbed Nia, killing her. Although police eventually caught the suspect, who ran from the scene, it took them a whole day, sparking protests over the way Black victims are treated.

You see, when a Black person is murdered, the killer is less likely to be caught. A recent study found that, when a white person is murdered, police make an arrest about 63% of the time, compared with only 47% when the victim is Black. There is also extensive victim-blaming when a person of color is killed. Michael Brown was “no angel”, for example. In this instance, a picture of Nia Wilson holding a gun-shaped phone case was circulated.

Somehow, some way, we need to reject the idea that Black lives lost are less tragic. Read this Vox article about the phenomenon of distrust between law enforcement and communities of color and get Wilson’s story out using #SayHerName on social media.