Nail Polish Representation

Your DGB for today is to  check out a new line of nail polish created specifically for Muslim women.

Azmia Magane of http://muslimgirl.com/ teamed up with ORLY’s Breathable collection to create the #HalalPaint line of nail colors. Many Muslim women forego nail polish altogether because it creates a barrier on the body. This is problematic because the custom of ablutions requires water to touch the hands during the common pre-prayer wudhu practices.

Being water-permeable, halal (akin to kosher in Judaism), vegan, and cruelty-free, this polish is a gift for Muslim Women and anyone who prefers a non-toxic beauty product.

Preorders begin shipping July 31st and you can get yours here: https://www.halalpaint.com/

Make a consumer statement with grab-ready and ethical nails while supporting a Muslim businesswoman working to make a euro-centric industry more inclusive.