More New Year's Resolutions


Your DGB for today is to pick a democratic candidate running in a red state and help get them elected.

We understand this isn’t just a five minute Grab, more like an almost year-long commitment, but it is so worth it. If you already live in a blue state and your incumbent candidate is pretty secure, then we’re asking you to pick a candidate outside of your state to make calls for, donate to, or send postcards for that person, and help make America as blue as possible.


You can find candidates to help flip here: https://www.flippable.org/focus-states/

Here: https://swingleft.org

And here: https://www.runforsomething.net


If you happen to live in a red state and know of a democratic candidate that could use DGB’s help, let us know! We’d love to do a Grab on them, get out the word about why they should be elected, give them a boost in funding, and have some volunteers sign up for calling. Together we can take back the House and Senate and kick the Moldy Orange out of our Oval Office. You can contact us at dailygrabback@gmail.com.

Spend the year Grabbing Back and endorsing worthy democratic candidates.


New Year’s Resolution: Get Out the Vote


Your DGB for today is to sign up with Postcards to Voters by texting “HELLO” to 484-275-2229.


Well, we made it through 2017. That was a… um… wow. That was nuts. Hopefully you’re not too hungover today, because we’re hitting the ground running with a renewed commitment to get out the vote. Postcards to Voters is a great resource. After texting, as mentioned above, “Abby the Address Robot” will ask you some questions and walk you through the steps to sending personalized messages to voters in key races. 

Postcards to Voters has already had an impact in places like Alabama, where it helped propel Doug Jones to victory and flipped a deep red senate seat a lovely shade of blue. We have a good feeling about 2018, so dust off your gel pens and rolls of stamps and get ready to make a BIG difference.


Make 2018 the Year of the Woman


Your DGB for today is to make some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018 woman-centered.

Many people have called 2017 the Year of the Woman, and with the #MeToo movement and Wonder Woman being one of the top grossing films of the year, it’s easy to see why. At DGB, we want to see 2018 even more woman-centered and we need your help to do that.

Make some of your New Year’s resolutions woman-centered, and what we mean by that is, support companies run by women, read more literature written by women in 2018, watch movies and tv shows produced by women, donate to charities run by women, support women running for political office - you get the picture. Think of as many ways as you can personally help build up women in your community and the world, and stick with those goals all year round. Give us some of your suggestions.

Grab back and support women in 2018.


Boost the Profiles of Progressive Candidates


Your DGB for today is to continue to help progressive candidates build their social media following.

Candidates now need a strong social media showing for publicity, which DGB first addressed here: https://www.dailygrabback.com/todays-grab-1/2017/7/31/help-progressive-candidates-build-momentum, with a selection of Democratic challengers in 2018 Senate races.

Follow the candidates below on social media and stay tuned for Democratic challengers in mid term House elections.


Special Elections Candidates:


Kathie Allen, Utah, running for Jason Chaffetz’s old seat in the 3rd Congressional District





Doug Jones, Alabama, running for Jeff Sessions’ old seat




Senate Candidates - Democratic Challenger:


Jane Raybould, Nebraska, challenging Deb Fischer





Like or Follow to give these candidates a leg up!


Swing Left Summer Challenge

Your DGB for today is to participate in or get the word out about the Swing Left Summer Challenge taking place from July 29 - September 29, 2017.

For those that live in a swing district and want to go big, you can sign up to host a canvas event in your own community. There are five easy steps outlined for you. Another way to grab back is to sign up and support the nearest Swing Left group from afar. When you register your e-mail at https://swingleft.org/, a local District Leader will get in touch with you with opportunities to take action. 


To host a canvas event: https://swingleft.org/p/canvass


Video from Swing Left:  https://www.facebook.com/swingleftorg/videos/449483152098982/


Swing Left mentions research showing a 3.8% increase in voter turnout for people who sign a commitment card. Let’s take back the House in 2018 so we can prevent (or at least slow down) the havoc the Trump Administration is wreaking.


Help Progressive Candidates Build Momentum

Your DGB for today is to help the early crop of progressive Senate candidates build their social media following.

Hate Facebook? Can’t figure out Twitter? Long for the days of handwritten letters on perfumed stationery? Well, it’s time to buck up. We have work to do. Candidates now need a strong social media following for publicity. Let’s help them get there. Follow the candidates below on social media.

We’ll start with Senate candidates who have already announced they’re running. Stay tuned for House candidates in the near future, and for updates as more candidates throw their hats into the ring.


Senate Candidates - Democratic Challengers:


Deedra Abboud, Arizona, challenging Jeff Flake





Jacky Rosen, Nevada, challenging Dean Heller





James Mackler, Tennessee, challenging Bob Corker





Beto O’Rourke, Texas, challenging Ted Cruz





Jenny Wilson, Utah, challenging Orrin Hatch





Click Like or Follow, and help build the progressive movement for 2018!


It Starts Today

Your DGB for today is to sign up for It Starts Today to help take back Congress in 2018.

There will be 468 Democrats running for seats in the House and Senate in 2018. All this initiative asks is that you donate one cent per race per month. It Starts Today doesn’t play favorites, so your $4.68 is distributed evenly once the primaries are decided.

But not all the candidates are perfect just because they’re Democrats. What if we don’t like them all? It’s not possible for every progressive candidate to satisfy our (admittedly long) list of ideal credentials, including a perfect voting record. But, this is a numbers game. In light of the national tragedy that took place on November 8, 2016, we can no longer be picky. We need to flip as many seats as we can.

You pay for Netflix every month to watch House of Cards, right? Well, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it again as fiction for half the price.


Taking Back the House in 2018, Part Two

Your DGB for today is to become a registrar in your state. Did you do your homework we assigned you two weeks ago? You’ve done the research, now it’s time to become a registrar.

We need to first discuss gerrymandering if we are registering people to vote. Gerrymandering is a manipulative redistricting tactic republicans have used to ensure they win much needed seats in the House and the Senate. The good news about gerrymandering is it may work in Democrats favor, come 2018. This article describes exactly how that could happen. The most effective way to work around gerrymandering for 2018 is to register people to vote, particularly in swing districts and states.

We’re giving you two more weeks to become a registrar in your state. You can find your local election office here; they’ll have the info you need to become a registrar. Get to it because our third grab on voter registration in two weeks we will be asking you to set up a voter registration event in your community. Yes, we know this is a lot more than five minutes a day, but we have to up our ante to fight 45 and his administration. Make gerrymandering work for us in 2018 and become a registrar.