Labor Unions: All Treats, No Tricks


Your DGB for Halloween is to make sure your treats are union-made in the USA.

If there are two things we at DGB love, it’s labor unions and candy. And it is our unadulterated pleasure to share with you that many beloved Halloween treats are made by union workers. The AFL-CIO put together a handy list of top ten favorites that any trick-or-treater would be pleased to find in their candy bucket which can be found here:

If you are wanting more treat ideas, has an extensive list here:

Maybe you want to go allergen-free but still fun. Here’s a list of union-made trinkets:

And if you are willing to risk an egg-covered car and a year’s supply of toilet paper decorating your front yard, how about some union-made toothbrushes? You’re welcome:

Grab back and treat an American worker!