Your DGB for today is to choose the word “accessible” over “handicapped” when talking about parking spaces, bathrooms, etc.

There’s a meme making the rounds these days that DGB would like to signal-boost, titled “cool disability psa.” In it, the originator points out that the word “accessible” re-frames the discussion by “putting the focus on the accessibility of the environment” and not the supposed deficits of users, which we agree is a welcome change.


This is a teeny tiny change we can all make to contribute to a kinder, gentler world for people with disabilities. Want to know what else you can do? Check out, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund. Their website has a ton of information, news, and a podcast, all related to disability justice.



Yoga Should Be for Everyone

Your DGB for today is help the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

While the efforts of some zealous acolytes (coughcoughhipsterscoughcough) have put yoga in danger of being an overexposed fad, the benefits of yoga are real, wide-ranging and impact both physical and mental well-being. (Interesting information found here: Unfortunately these benefits are elusive to many people due to the cost of classes, access to a studio, or even social anxiety. This is where Give Back Yoga comes in. They are a non-profit organization seeking to connect underserved populations with yoga through funding, resources, and programs.

Instructors, practitioners, studios, and anyone else can check out and get involved in one of their numerous initiatives located here:

We ALL need a little time (or lots of time) to calm down in the never-ending chaos of this administration, so namaste and Grab Back!