Nice White Ladies


Your DGB for today is to connect with Nice White Ladies.

A resource for newbie activists interested in dismantling white supremacy, Nice White Ladies offers a variety of options to get involved. You can donate to an emergency reparations fund, deal with your white feelings in their secret facebook group, volunteer skills matching, and access other resources they amplify, such as Safety Pin Box. One of DGB’s favorite features on NWL’s site is the section allowing you to anonymously ask dumb white questions, thereby keeping them out of other activist spaces. They then answer these on their Facebook page., where you can also read more about the intent behind their name.

Collectively, these resources help new activists unpack their own racism and complicity while providing a path from being a Becky to becoming a Becky With the Good Tools for Helping to Dismantle White Supremacy.


Dear White People,

Your DGB for today is to join and support Showing Up For Racial Justice.

If you’re a Person of Color, the work of racial justice has been yours for way too long, so sit this one out. Take yourself to lunch or go look at this adorable baby pygmy hippo for a little while. Dismantling white supremacy is the job of white people, and SURJ places the burden where it belongs. Read their About page here. Do not skip this part. Read it now. We’ll wait.

Now that you know that SURJ mobilizes white people at a local and national level, helping them to defect from white supremacy and fight for racial justice. Today you will find your closest chapter here, and follow them on social media. Then push yourself out of your comfort zone, put your white body in the streets, and mobilize more white people. DGB wants to emphasize that this is not an opportunity for validation or to be thanked, so don’t expect that.

Just show up.


Cell 411

Your DGB for today is to download the Cell 411 personal safety app and familiarize yourself with it’s features.

The app that has been described as “Uber for 911” is meant to redistribute emergency response from exclusively authoritarian sources into a community centered effort. Instead of depending exclusively on municipal emergency resources, a user may instead request aid from peers and community members in their “Cell”. While this is particularly valuable to individuals vulnerable to law enforcement overreach and needing assistance from or the presence of trusted individuals, it is also something privileged groups can utilize to become and remain strong allies.


Platform features include the following:


  • Issuing an alert to your Cell with turn by turn directions to your location

  • Live video streaming

  • Video archiving that prevents deletion

  • A “Know Your Rights” constitutional reminder screen

  • A free community ride-sharing service


Learn more about Cell 411 here  and here, and download for iOS or Android 


Local Politics

Your DGB for today is to find out who is representing you on local issues, especially anyone new since the election, and identify your opportunities to participate in your local processes.


Ah, the voting booth moment of shame. We’ve all been there. You know, when you get to the races for city council or harbor commissioner or county treasurer or school board, and realize you don’t really know who these people are or (in some cases) what their party affiliation is. You may not even be crystal clear on what the position they’re running for means for you. At Daily Grab Back, we believe that political knowledge is essential for political action. So do some research on the people who won your local elections on November 8, the significance of their office, and what kind of public forums are coming up that may address issues significant to your community. Mark your calendar and consider attending.


Ballotpedia is a great place to start if you live in one of the 100 largest cities. Otherwise, just google your municipality or county. Local politics don’t always command much of our attention, especially when drowned out by the circus of national politics, but they affect us and our families in significant ways. The next time you step inside the voting booth, aim to know exactly who is running, and what they plan to do for your community.