A Big NOPE to Confederate Flag Manufacturing


Your DGB for today is to shame one of the last makers of confederate flags.

In 2015, after a Charleston, SC church shooting perpetrated by a white supremacist, many major retailers like Amazon and Walmart stopped carrying confederate flags, leaving Huntsville Alabama Flag and Banner to take over the market. What followed in our country was a national debate on the removal of confederate imagery like monuments. As you may have heard, we just passed the one year anniversary of the violent Charlottesville rally over such a monument, after which Alabama Flag and Banner saw a surge in sales of their flags. In every political movement, there are companies who capitalize on sentiment, but this is over the line. If people want confederate flags, they should have to sew them with their own racist fingers. Let this company know that their status as the Last Rebel Flag Maker is not something to be proud of.

(256) 534-1300

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Your DGB for today is to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by listening to and reading his powerful words.

It feels as though this day of remembrance has never been more relevant or necessary than it is today. As a country we have moved beyond dazed incomprehension (“Wait - did he just say…?!”) to an open acknowledgement that a deeply racist person occupies the highest office in the land. Despite claiming he’s the “least racist person,” Trump has made his white supremacist views difficult to ignore. It’s exhausting. We could all use a dose of the pragmatism and optimism that King embodied.

So enjoy your day off, if you’ve got it. But let’s not forget WHY we remember King. Gather your family around and tune into his words, read aloud perhaps. Take a deep breath and vow to fight another day.


Support the NDRC


Your DGB for today is to support the National Democratic Redistricting Commission (NDRC).

Doug Jones won in Alabama! Yay! A lot of people poured their time and money into making that a reality. Tens of thousands of people gave up their precious time to wait in line and vote. A hearty thank you to each and every one of them, from the DNC to the NAACP to the voters themselves, particularly the Black men and women of Alabama.


Last Tuesday’s vote was a statewide election. Every vote was equal. However, in many places those votes aren’t equal. Partisan politicians have drawn the districting lines to favor their own party and disfavor their competition. The elections are literally rigged - legally. If the same voters turned out at the 2018 Congressional elections, Alabama would not have 4 Democratic and 3 Republican Representatives, they would be represented by 1 Democrat and 6 Republicans. This does not accurately represent people of Alabama, and it’s intentional.

You can be a part of the solution.

Go to to find out how you can be a part of the NDRC. There are a list of ways that you can contribute your resources to help level the playing field and ensure that all Americans are equally represented in our government.


Doug Jones vs Pedophile: Yes, This Is Real Life


Your DGB for today is to stop a pedophile from becoming a United States Senator.

The bummer about this race is that, while everyone is rightly up in arms about the extremely creepy weirdo running against him, Doug Jones’ merits have been mainly that he doesn’t victimize children. In reality, he’s qualified, progressive, and ambitious. We long for a boring political race based on the issues.

We’ve asked you to donate to Jones’ campaign before, but we need you to do so again. Also, spend this weekend loudly declaring your feelings on social media, especially if you live in Alabama. The December 12th race is critical to Democratic representation in the Senate, but also our very base integrity as a country.


Brett Talley


Your DGB for today is to oppose the appointment of Brett Talley.

Trump picks all the best people, like Flynn and Manafort, so we shouldn’t be surprised by his pick for an Alabama judgeship, but he’s majorly jumped the shark on this one. Dude is a ghosthunting lawyer who has never even tried a case, is married to someone in Trump’s administration, and has defended the KKK on an online message board.

He was still voted out of committee last week because everything is terrible and now his nomination will advance to the senate floor, despite the American Bar Association rating him “not qualified.”

If you haven’t felt the need to scream into a pillow yet today, read more about him here:

Then, spend your weekend using Resistbot to let your Senators know this guy doesn’t deserve a lifetime appointment.


Elect Doug Jones


Your DGB for today is to help Doug Jones get elected senator in Alabama.

From the state that gave us Racist Elf Sessions, Alabama now brings us a special election to fill the seat he left to head the Justice Department. Despite it being a sweet tea red state, Democrat Doug Jones actually has a chance to claim the seat December 12th. Maybe it’s because the Resistance is working. Maybe it’s because the GOP and Trump so badly screwed up in the republican primary there, somehow putting forth Roy Moore as their candidate, but recent polls has the candidates tied.  With a little more effort, this seat could flip.

Visit Jones’ website to donate or volunteer.