America's Voice

A Nation of Immigrants


Your DGB for today is to help save DACA and its Dreamers.

Trump and his ilk may not like it, but the United States is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants make us a better country. Trump is threatening to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the results would be disastrous. 800,000 young people currently have work permits and protection under DACA. These young people have lived most of their lives in the United States. They have jobs, they pay taxes, they own homes, they make purchases, they contribute to our economy every day. DACA is thought to be one of Obama’s greatest programs, so it’s no wonder Trump wants to do away with it.

Today we want you to check out America’s Voice and learn more about the DACA program. If you are able, contribute funds to help them. If you can’t contribute, there are many other things you can do, like contacting your state’s Attorney General and telling them to uphold DACA. You can also host a Dreamer dinner or call your senators and tell them to protect DACA from Trump. There’s even a section where you can tell your own personal Dreamer story. However you choose to help DACA, spend some time browsing the website. They have interactive videos, personal stories, and a section called Immigration 101 to inform on a variety of subjects, such as what exactly a Dreamer is, and what rights ICE has to deport people.

America has become the beautiful melting pot of culture it is today because of immigration. It is a nation founded on immigration and on the principles that immigrants are not only allowed here, but welcomed. Do what you can to uphold those beliefs and values and support DACA.