Your DGB for today is to support the ideals held by the Tree of Life Synagogue.

We won’t rehash the disgusting turn our country took this past weekend, but we will tell you to honor those who lost their lives by building up the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which has worked tirelessly around the world to help refugees rebuild their lives for over 130 years.

Quick donation link here:

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 8 Days

Shut Down White Supremacist Candidates


Your DGB for today is to make note of these white supremacists running for office this year and support the candidate(s) running against them.

The article will be updated as the year goes on, so check back in. The list currently includes:


John Abarr is what nonsense looks like in human form. He appears to be running as a Democrat in Montana’s 21st house district after multiple failed political bids as a Republican.


Sean Donahue of Pennsylvania was convicted last year of making terrorist threats, although he is somehow not from any of the countries included in any incarnation of Trump’s travel ban.


Arthur Jones of Illinois will be the only Republican candidate on the ballot in the third congressional district, despite being a raving lunatic. Other candidates in the race can be found here.


Paul Nehlen of Wisconsin is running against Speaker Ryan for his house seat. Shockingly, out of all the Pauls running in this primary, Ryan is the lesser evil. Let that sink in.


Although these clowns’ runs are mostly considered long shot campaigns, we should never discount fringe candidates outright based on the unbelievability of their platform/behavior. We all know that can end badly. So badly.