Astronomers Without Borders

Like, Totality Donate Your Eclipse Glasses


Your DGB for today is to donate your solar viewing glasses.

The U.S recently experienced an eclipse. Not the one where a soulless rock astronomically rose in power and robbed the country of warmth and sunshine, the other one. And if you were one of the fortunate that procured a pair of the special glasses allowing you to stare into the sun without being blinded (hopefully you had the common sense to keep them on…) you may be wondering what to do with them now.

The organizations Astronomers Without Borders and Explore Scientific have collaborated to set up glasses donation centers throughout the country. They will be sending them to schools in South America and Asia for use during the eclipse those continents will experience in 2019. You can read more about this initiative here:

And use their handy interactive map here to find a nearby donation station:

Don’t be an astronomical jerk, share your glasses with some schoolkids!