Beach Bodies

Your DGB for today is super simple: don’t stare. That’s it! It’s summer and with the warm weather, we’re a lot more likely to see a lot more of our fellow humans, at the beach or elsewhere. Not everyone is going to look like a supermodel… and that is okay. Don’t judge, and don’t stare. 

There are quite a few memes and thought-pieces on the theme of body positivity. Most of them view the matter through the lens of size-acceptance, which is a powerful and important movement we support wholeheartedly. But fat bodies are not the only bodies you may see at the beach.

You may see people born with limb differences, people who have survived a fire, veterans who have been injured, people with neurological differences who hold their bodies differently, people whose skin bears birthmarks or stretch marks or unusual pigmentation, and/or people who use prostheses or other assistance devices. These people may even be you. We want to affirm that *every* person at the beach has a “beach body” and every person deserves to occupy that body at the beach without ridicule, whispers, or being stared at.

So don’t stare. And if you see someone staring at you, remember that you have every right to be out in the world and they can go pound sand. Take back the beach - for everyone!